Idahoans Come Together to Oppose Campaign to Legalize Marijuana

BOISE, ID—Community leaders, business owners and organizations from all across Idaho are standing up to protect the state’s way of life and keep current drug laws intact. The group has formed Idahoans for Healthy Kids and Communities in order to stand firm against a proposed 2020 ballot initiative to legalize “medical” marijuana promoted by the Idaho Cannabis Coalition.

“We stand in strong opposition to any effort to normalize drug use in our state,” said Tim Allen, Idaho Kids and Communities’ spokesperson. “Legalizing marijuana in any form will have profound impacts on Idaho’s future. The organizations behind this initiative want you to believe it won’t change the fabric of our communities, but the experience of other states proves otherwise. We encourage every voter to research this particular initiative and the impact it will have on our quality of life before signing any petition that would officially put marijuana legalization on the ballot.”

Idahoans for Healthy Kids and Communities is a growing statewide coalition of Idahoans who believe that their fellow Idahoans DESERVE TO KNOW the following: 1) what the initiative actually says, 2) what the initiative will do if passed, 3) the identity and intentions of major organizations/individuals behind the initiative, and 4) the negative impacts this proposed law will have on Idaho kids and communities. Individuals who want to know more, or get involved in the campaign, can obtain additional information here: