About Us


“It is better to build strong children than to repair broken men (and women).” – Frederick Douglass



It is easier to defend cities than reclaim them.

Our Mission

To promote and preserve a healthy, safe and drug-free environment where kids and communities flourish.

Our Vision

A vibrant healthy state where children and communities are protected and nurtured to preserve Idaho’s unique way of life.

Our Purpose

To promote, influence, encourage, and advocate for public policies, laws, practices, values, and allocation of resources that protect children and communities from the ravages of substance abuse and normalization of drugs; and to promote and preserve a healthy and safe environment where kids and communities can realize their potential.

By accomplishing the above, Idahoans for Healthy Kids and Communities intends to significantly reduce the personal and financial damage inflicted upon society by poor choices and impaired judgment.

As Idaho children and communities are protected and nurtured, scarce resources that are currently required to repair and rebuild can be directed towards preserving Idaho’s unique way of life for all future generations.

This will result in wise individual choices; personal responsibility; sound judgment; academic achievement; occupational opportunities and success; excellent parenting; mental and physical health, freedom from chemical dependency, productive citizens, respect for laws, a strong business climate, and healthy and safe environments in homes, schools, communities, and public lands.

P.O. BOX 563, RIGBY, ID 83442     208-557-1112       Idahoans4healthykids@gmail.com